What do you want?
What fears, blocks, self sabotage stops you
What behaviors, skills, beliefs – do you need to reach your goal?

“The NLP Hypnosis Audio’s  have been designed for you using proven strategies taken from my 20 years of successfully coaching clients to overcome blocks & install needed skills, . . . to be confident, happy and successful” 
~ Jan Mitchell, Master NLP Hypnosis Coach


  1. re-programming sabotage, fear, problems, trauma
  2. overcoming internal struggle
  3. automatically installing needed behaviors & skills
  4. installing empowering beliefs within your unconscious mind
  5. clearly & comfortably guiding you through closed eye processes
  6. listening to audio`s leads you to long term positive results 

From Current State to Reaching Your Goals

-  Manage Anxiety, be calm and confident?
–  Improve Confidence
and Boundaries
Build Relationships and Heal Co-dependence
Lose Weight and Handle Emotional Eating
–  Be a Non-Smoker

See Seven Reasons Why It’s Been Hard  For You To Change:

  1. changes are incomplete on the unconscious minds level
  2. mixed feelings sabotage you (part of you wants one thing – another wants ??)
  3. need to remove problem behaviors (install supportive behaviors)
  4. need to re-program limiting beliefs (install empowering beliefs)
  5. need to install new skills and tools to use automatically
  6. need to clearly define what you want (and don’t want)
  7. need help to change, required time or a process to change

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Jan Mitchell has been successfully counseling clients since 1994, in private sessions, by long distance phone across Canada and United States, through NLP Hypnosis Audio’s and in workshops.    

Gently counselling clients with the powerful combination of advanced NLP Coaching Strategies (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and successful healing Hypnotherapy, Jan guides them to overcome sabotage, fear, blocks and problems, make changes, and reach their dreams of building confidence, developing boundaries, enriching relationships, improving career, better health, handle weight loss and emotional eating, to finally stop smoking, manage anxiety or depression, heal trauma, abuse and more.  

Jan’s NLP Hypnosis Counseling and NLP Hypnosis Audios guide you to re-program sabotage, install supportive behaviors, skills and beliefs, and move towards your goals and dreams.

How Does Your Unconscious Mind Work?

  • unconscious mind is 90% of your brain
  • it ‘controls most experiences’
  • it’s job is to take care of you (wants best for you)
  • it ‘does what it thinks you want’
  • old coping skills protect you
  • needs re-programming to achieve your desires

Since 1994 Jan Mitchell has been counseling clients as a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapist and Hypnotherapist through private sessions in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, plus by long distance phone across Canada and United States, worldwide with her NLP Hypnosis Audio’s and in requested workshops.    

Through both NLP Hypnosis audio`s and NLP Counselling, Jan Mitchell`s gentle voice, understanding and supportive manner, guide women, men and mature teens to overcome issues of low self confidence, anxiety, depressions, trauma, weight, smoking, co-dependence, phobias, fear, self sabotage, abuse (emotional, physical and sexual), health, grief and more.  Her techniques ‘heal the past’ and teach them to move forward with more tools, self confidence, supportive habit`s and beliefs.